My first steps in being an Area Chair began in district 10 on January 8th, at their GSR meeting. I met with Dave B who as we all know is a dynamic member of the program as well as District 10 Treatment Chair. He has taken very seriously the role as chair of a committee. The first thing he did was set up the third Wednesday of every month as a treatment Committee night. He also put out a Treatment Newsletter. Dave has a good grasp of his goals.

On February 7th. I visited District 11 at their monthly GSR meeting. I met with Gary J, District 10’s Treatment Chair. He has put together a wonderful group of dedicated members who have hit the ground running. Gary and his committee started communications with Davis County Mental Health W.R.C. to bring back meetings at that facility. It looks very good that a new women’s meeting will start there. Gary also has some great ideas for a workshop that would involve local mental health works in Davis Co.

I was also in touch with District Three but was unable to attend because of a time conflict with District 11. I will be there next month I hope. District 3 has an interesting situation involving accessibility that I will bring up later this meeting.

Our new delegate sent me the Conference data and I look forward to sharing it with the Treatment Committee.

John M.