Area 69 Service Material


New to Service work? You may find this Frequently Asked Questions helpful.


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PDFServices Provided by G.S.O. / A.A.W.S

PDF68th GSC Final Report (Anonymity Protected_ English)

PDFThe A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service 2013-14 edition

A.A. Guidelines from G.S.O.:

PDFA.A. Answering Services
PDFCarrying the A.A. Message to the Deaf Alcoholic
PDFCentral or Intergroup Offices
PDFConference, Conventions and Round-ups
PDFCooperating with Court, D.W.I. and Similar Programs
PDFCooperation with the Professional Community
PDFCorrectional Facilities Committees
PDFFor A.A. Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field
PDFLiterature Committees
PDFPublic Information
PDFRelations Between A.A. and Al-Anon
PDFServing Alcoholics With Special Needs
PDFTreatment Facilities Committees
PDFGuidelines on the Internet


PDF Area 69 New Group Form
PDF Area 69 Change of Group Information Form
PDF Area 69 Service Position Change Form
PDF GSO invoices or statements via e-mail Form

GSR School
GSR Survival Guide
My Group Elected Me As Their New GSR

February Committee Committee Service Orientation

Pre Conference Assembly Service Orientation
Post Conference Assembly Service Orientation
Pre Assembly Workshop Orientation
Fall Assembly Service Orientation (Even Years)
Fall Assembly Service Orientation (Odd Years)
Fall Workshop Orientation
December Committee Meeting Service Orientation (Area Inventory)
December Committee Meeting Service Orientation (Pass the Gavel)

Area 69 District's BTG Workbook

Area 69 Power Point Presentation for Professionals

Area 69 Power Point Presentation on the 7th Tradition

Area 69 Guidelines (September 2018)
Area 69 Guidelines
(September 2020)
Area 69 District Map
Area 69 Mileage Chart
Assembly/Agenda Guidelines
Website Guidelines

PDF Area 69 Area Motion Form (Rev. w/ Area 69 Motion guidelines added)
PDF Area 69 Area Officer / District / Standing Committee Report Form
PDF Area 69 Expense Report

Area 69 Business Documents (Flyers, Agendas & Minutes)