The person serving as the Area 69 Grapevine Standing Chair resigned the position on August 18, 2007. This occurred during the Pre-Assembly Workshop in Tooele. Andy B., the Area 69 Chairperson, asked me that day if I would be willing to fill the position temporarily. Andy explained that a discussion and vote would take place at the Fall Assembly in September regarding filling the position on a permanent basis. I thanked Andy and the Area Committee for the opportunity and said I would be willing and able to serve.

During the lunch break that day, I was given six small boxes of miscellaneous Grapevine materials that had been passed along by the previous Grapevine Chair. Later that same afternoon, I was approached by a new DCM for District 2 and asked if I had any back issues of the Grapevine she could use for her groups. Talk about baptism by fire!

Two of the boxes contained back issues of the Grapevine – 150 copies in all. I felt like I had struck gold! There were also some books, Grapevine and LaVina order forms, and other miscellaneous items. (A detailed list of the inventory I received will be attached to my report when I turn it in at the Fall Assembly.) On Sunday, I was able to pass along some of the old Grapevines to the District 2 DCM and also to another woman who takes meetings in to the Salt Lake jails.

A friend graciously offered to help with a simple display for the Park City event. Please stop by sometime during the weekend to pick up information for your groups and offer your suggestions for a more permanent display. I look forward to learning more about the Grapevine and thank you all for the opportunity to serve Area 69 in this new capacity.

Sheryl T