Utah Area 69 District 2 Sub-Districts

Sub-District A: Big
Book Thumpers, Bog Irish Big Book Study, Chapter 5, Friday Night
Speakers, It’s in the Book, No Rules, Primary Purpose, Richard Street
Lunch Bunch, Starting the Day, Trying Again Group, Way Out

Sub-District B: 5:15
Happy Hour, New Avenues and Promises, New Hope Group (Women’s), Old
Fashioned AA, Saturday Night Alive, Speak Easy Ladies, The Right Stuff,
We Care Group

Sub-District C:17th & 17th 12
X 12, 6:40 New Yorkers, Brown Bag Big Book Study, City at Seven Group,
DNS Group, Early Friendship, Friendship Group, Grantsville Good News,
Honey’s Breakfast Club, New Way Group, Sizzling Sobriety Group, Survive
and Serve

Sub-District D: 974
Group, Acceptance Group (Gay/Les), Basic Young People, Foothill Group,
Group 2, Jordan River Group, Magna Friendly Bunch, Northwest Sobriety,
Stonewall Group, Tooele Group, Unity Lunch Bunch

Altrum Group, An
AA Group, Downtown Bunch, Boot Straps, Highland Group, Live and Let
Live, Midnight Miracles, Non-Smoking Sobriety Hour, Saturday Night
Speakers, Sobriety Hour, Weekend Get AA, Windsor Street Beginners


Please Note: If you do not find
your group in this list please contact the
District Committee Member Chair