CPC Committee Page

Hi All,

I want to start working in the round tables to put together packets for professionals. I would like to make up about a hundred or so packets and give ten to each member of our committee to distribute to the professional of their choice. I want our group to begin to read through some of the literature and pick out what we feel is the most important to share with out non-alcoholic friends to put these packets together.

I also need to get lists of volunteers to help out in June for the U of U School on Alcoholism. I want to touch base with Karen the PI chair to see if she can help coordinate some volunteers from the area. I plan on being there from Wednesday until Friday but will not be able to attend Sunday-Tuesday. I have a great volunteer lined up to set up the display on Friday; this is Mike O and he graciously offered to help as it is a long commute from my neck of the woods. I have asked Jodi E to be the speaker on Wednesday Night and Julie S will chair the meeting. I will need to line up chair people to chair the meetings the rest of the week and volunteers to speak to be present at the display and answer questions for people. The date of this event is June 24th– June 29th and I believe it would be a great way to get others exposed to service work in area 69.

Finally I will be very interested in learning what our Delegate did in New York City. It is great to be a part of an organization that is based on service work for the primary purpose of helping other alcoholics.

Yours in Service,
Terri M
CPC Committee Chair

          What a great weekend of service!! I just returned home from the pre-conference assembly and want to post a few thoughts. First I would once again, like to thank District 2 for hosting this year’s pre-conference, this was a great event at a great facility, so kudos to District 2. It was decided on Friday, that the PI and CPC round tables’ work together to go over the agenda items for the Conference. This worked out great and we had lots of good discussion on the agenda items, which were summarized and reported to the body of the group. I believe our Delegate has the information she needs to represent our Area and know that she will have a blast sharing Area 69’s experience strength and hope in New York.
          One of the agenda items for CPC was to discuss how we could stimulate interest in CPC service. We discussed ways such as talking with professionals we know, and giving them phone numbers of members whom would be willing to do 12 step work.. This list included doctors, lawyers, judges, clergy, and social workers to name a few. We made a plan to assemble packets that could easily be distributed to professionals with the intent of explaining what AA is and is not. We discussed that having people volunteer at the University of Utah’s School on Alcoholism, June 24th – June 29th, might me a great way to spark interest. I will have a sign up sheets at the Post-conference in May. We discussed the possibility of holding a workshop to try to attract others to service focusing on the fact if we continue to work with professionals as part of our 12 step work then we have the opportunity to keep our message clear.
          While we conducted a lot of business at this event, we still enjoyed excellent speakers, excellent fellowship and for me, a renewed attitude on the reason I became involved in service, more peaceful emotional sobriety. When I get out of the way and let my Higher Power work within me, my life is much more like I want it to be. Thank you for trusting me to serve in this way.
Terri M