Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous in Utah

Posting your event

1. Please include your name, group name, and contact
information. Submit your event’s information to
[email protected]
Associated flyers need to be in Word, WordPerfect, jpeg, pdf
or gif format .
2. The events calendar will operate within the guidelines of
A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of World Service.
3. Personal contact information, email addresses
or phone numbers, will not be displayed.
  a. If your event’s contact has an email address
it will be replaced with a ‘’ email account which
can then be anonymously forwarded to the event contact’s email
  b If your event’s contact doesn’t have an email address a ‘’
account will be created and access to that account will be
given to the appropriate contact.
  c. Other arrangements for forwarding inquires about your event
can be made ahead of time with the
Web Servant
or the
Alternate Web Servant