Good morning everyone.

Before I give my report I want to read the following information I received Thurs.


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Nell Wing died on
Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. after a lengthy illness. Nell
was 89 years old.

As most of you know, Nell was Bill W.’s secretary and assistant for 17
years and a close friend and long-time companion to Lois W.  She worked
at the General Service Office of A.A. from the beginning of 1947 until
her retirement at the close of 1982, starting as a receptionist and
later becoming secretary of A.A. World Services, Inc. Additionally, she
served as G.S.O.’s first archivist for the last ten of her years at the
office. The Archives opened in 1975.

We would like to take a moment to celebrate Nell’s life and share the
following, which our G.S.O. Archivist, Amy F., provided:

From Markings, November/December 1983, when Nell announced her
retirement in print: “.I hope to stay nearby; and never lessen interest
in this fellowship, nor loosen the close bonds of friendship with my
A.A. and Al-Anon friends. I’m forever grateful for this marvelous
experience that began for me on March 3, 1947, at 415 Lexington Ave.,
New York City, in 3 small rooms of the Central Terminal Building. I have
enjoyed and treasured every moment of it. I won’t say ‘goodbye:’ just
want to extend my love and thanks to each one of you dear friends.”

In fellowship,
Eva S., G.S.O. Staff
Assistant Secretary
General Service Board


I never had the opportunity to met Neil. She was going to attend the first National Archive Workshop in Akron, but due to health issues, she had to cancel. But a speaker phone was set up and she did address the gathering. It was awesome just to hear her and what she shared with us.

In the Quarterly report from GSO, The Trustee Archives Committee accepted a donation of several boxes containing unique archival material from ICYPAA. A selection of this material will soon be displayed in a new exhibit at GSO.

The committee approved a new Oral Histories Kit prepared by the archivist. It is now available to Area and District archivists, who request more information on collecting the oral histories of AA members.

GSO archives is accepting new content for the “Shared Experience” section of the Archive Workbook, from archivists through out the fellowship, this will help connect archivists to one another.

The Dec. GV, 06 had an article with Amy the new Archivist at GSO. She has some wonderful input; I feel she will be very hands on with Area Archivists.

Contributions over the past few months;

A T-shirt – the Seattle International Convention in 1990 with a folder of information, and the 50 year Convention book; T-shirt – the Minneapolis International Convention in 2000: the scrape book that was donated last Nov. contains various items , news paper articles, a poster and other information on the Montreal Canada International Convention in 1985.

Grapevine – 10 empty binders, filled GV binders 1989 — 1996 with a box of loose ones.

30 empty binders of various sizes 1-inch – 3-inch widths.

I was invited to attend a Traditions Workshop held at the Kaibab Paiute Reservation in Pipe Springs, AZ. What a wonderful experience, great participation from Area 69 and 03 Area.

There was area, district and interested AA from both Areas’.

I want to acknowledge and thank the Tooele groups for their contribution to help with the cost to make more display boards. Their contribution was made via the area treasure.

Thank you for letting me serve you,

Janet H.
Area 69
Archive Standing Chair